Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join?

The official requirements to join the Boy Scouting movement and Troop 251 are as follows:
  • Have completed fifth grade and be at least 10 years old OR be at least 11 years old OR have earned the Arrow of Light Award and be at least 10 years old.
  • Have not reached age 18.
  • Complete and sign the Boy Scouts of America youth application.
  • Give the completed application and fees to the Scoutmaster.​​

What types of activities does the Troop participate in?

     As a troop, we have ​​​​meetings every Thursday night from 7 to 8:30pm. In addition, we try to plan at least one weekend camping trip per month during the normal school year (September-June) or a day trip to a point-of-interest.  These day trips can be places like New York City or Washington D.C. or more pointed destinations like a Zip Line or Trampoline Park facility.  We also hold two lock-in nights per year at our meeting space at Scout Hall where Scouts spend the night playing video games, playing GaGa, and eating pizza while socializing with their fellow Troop members in the comfort and safety of our own space.  We volunteer for community and Scouting service projects and events, like the Adopt a Road Program and Winslow's Annual Fall Festival and participate in township ceremonies on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.  We also attend a week of Boy Scout Summer Camp in June or July of every year.

What do you do at weekly Troop meetings?

​​     Our meetings are Thursday nights, usually from ​​​​7 to 8:30pm.  We begin with free activity time, usually outdoors, if weather permits, to allow for teambuilding, exercise, and to just have fun together.  Afterwards, we open meetings with announcements, then begin that week's scheduled activity.  This can be trip preparation or after trip debriefing, activity planning, or merit badge or rank advancement work, while utilizing the patrol method.  Our youth members individually earn between 4 and 6 merit badges each year that we have worked on weekly as a troop.

​How much do camping trips cost?

​     Generally, our weekend tent camping trips cost ​$20 per scout to pay for the cost of food and lodging.  Most indoor camping trips where our Scouts stay in a cabin or building are $30 ​due to the higher lodging fees.  Due to varying facility and food prices, costs can vary depending on the trip.

Do I have to live in Winslow Township to join Troop 251?

     ​​No!  Troop 251 is part of the Garden State Council, which serves Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties as well as Buena Vista Township and Buena Borough in Atlantic County.  Many of our youth members and adult leaders are residents of surrounding towns and all are welcome!

I'm a parent/guardian of a Scout in Troop 251.  How can I get involved?

     Parents and guardians are always welcome to become registered adult leaders in Troop 251.  There are two main positions available for an adult volunteer:

Assistant Scoutmaster:  An adult leader age 18 or over who assist the Scoutmaster in delivering the troop program and are “field leaders.”  May be directed by the Scoutmaster to assist in skills instruction and adult assistance with delivering the troop program.  Duties may overlap or assist with roles in the Troop Committee.  Also assists in providing two-deep leadership and are the primary adult leaders on camping trips.
Troop Committee Member:  The Boy Scout Troop Committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities. The committee also has the responsibility to provide adults for boards of review. This is an important responsibility and is one area where help is always needed and appreciated.  The Committee holds regular meetings (approximately one per quarter) to discuss and plan troop activities.

Both positions require specific BSA training.  For more information click here .
Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us!